Deluxe Bamboo Facial
"Excellent treatment ... so relaxing and absolutely accomplished the goal! I just LOVED it!!"
- Patricia G. | 10.14.2015

Swedish (90)
"Jackie is awesome! I called last minute and even though she wasnt planning to work that evening, she did, and I had a wonderful massage! She asked questions, listened to answers and an hour later when concentrating on sensitive areas made sure to lessen pressure, etc. Jackie is truly a great massage therapist. I'm looking forward to booking a facial next!!"
- Debra H. | 09.16.2014

"Yes, I would return. Her service is excellent. "
- Betty F. | 04.16.2015

70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"Jackie is super nice, approachable, and very thorough. She made me feel very relaxed and better about my body aches after the massage. She's awesome."
- Lourenz B. | 03.31.2015


70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"Great massage. Highly recommend."
- Roberta P. | 05.26.2015

Signature Massage With Hair And Scalp Treatment
"I told Jackie about my problem areas, but she was able to find them herself and helped to smooth them out. I enjoyed talking to her during my massage, which is something I generally don't do. The massage left me very relaxed and refreshed. She is also knowledgeable in cosmetology, and I will be booking a facial with her in the near future. "
- Karen G. | 10.7.2015

70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"I recently had the chance to revisit Jackie in her new setting in Woodland. As a CMT in training, I especially enjoyed the excellent strokes, pressure and techniques Jackie utilizes. As always She is professional and has a beautiful new space in a restored building on Main Street. Highly recommend!"
- Gary B. | 01.18.2015

70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"I have a bad lower back problem,Yet My Massage was well done. I had NO BACK PAIN! Jackie was very personable and professional. The environment was relaxing and soothing.This is coming from a type A personality. I left feeling very relaxed. I'm so glad my son purchased this massage as a gift. I will continue returning. Thank you Jackie"
- Shiri M. | 04.23.2015

"Best massage. I walked in with a headache and pain in my upper neck and walked out feeling great."
- Sara G. | 05.10.2016


70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"Jackie made me feel comfortable and she set a relaxing mood. I was able to unwind and truly enjoy the session."
- Morgan H. | 07.17.2015

70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"I came in a bundle of knots and left feeling tension free! "
- Chris B. | 04.29.2015

Back Treatment
"Jackie was caring and helped my strained back."
- Shelley B. | 06.19.2015

Back Treatment
"She is so friendly and knowledgeable. What a nice place also. Really knows her work, thank you Jackie for being here. peggy gedatus"
- Peggy G. | 03.1.2015

"The absolute BEST massage I have had! Jackie knew exactly where to apply pressure, without me even telling her! I was so very lucky my husband gave me a gift certificate, I feel great!"
- Lacey M. | 07.2.2015

"The new massage bed is heated!!! Jackie just instinctively knows exactly what to do without having to be told! She listens to how your body reacts to her touch and works out tension with her caring touch! She's amazing!!!"
- Lacey M. | 04.16.2016

"Best massage I've ever had. Jackie listened to me and gave me EXACTLY what I asked for. I will definitely be back for another one!"
- Leann M. | 10.23.2016

70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"I received a wonderful massage and reflexology treatment from Jackie. It was one of the best massages I've ever gotten! Highly recommended. "
- Beth L. | 01.26.2015

70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"One of the best massages I've ever had! "
- Keri J. | 06.23.2015

70 Min(50massage+20reflexology)
"Friendly and professional, clean and relaxing atmosphere. 
 Jackie did a wonderful job and I look forward to seeing her again."
- Kami K. | 07.9.2015

"Very friendly and accommodating. The place was very relaxing."
- Suyen R. | 01.16.2016

"Excellent massage skill. Total relief from muscle aches and pain!"
- Richard I. | 05.25.2016

Mother-To-Be Massage
"When I came in to see her, I knew I was in need of relaxation and to loosen up my tight muscles. She was very professional and made me feel at home. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed more than I ever remembered feeling before. I will definitely go back and I'm definitely refer her to others. "
- Melissa H. | 11.5.2015

"Felt great! Really enjoyed. I liked that you asked about pressure. "
- Janet S. | 07.22.2016.

Signature Massage(90)
"Jackie is very tuned in to the body and has a wonderful healing connection. She is the best therapist I've ever had, and I still ask her where she's been my whole life!"
- Ellen C. | 04.1.2016

Signature Massage
"I love Jackie VonDorsten! Definitely book your next appointment here!"
- Amy N. | 06.7.2013

Signature Massage
"I would very much recommend Jackie. Awesome at what she does and very friendly. I felt so relieved afterwards. I can't wait to go back."
- Angela H. | 06.1.2013

Deep Tissue
"She listened to and addressed my body's needs and got deep! I Will be making monthly massage by Jackie part of my overall wellness program for 2016!"
- Johanna C. | 01.12.2016

"She is a very professional,I am so glad to visit her for a relaxing message, I'm here on vacation, from Illinois. "
- Maria Elena R. | 11.3.2016

"Jackie was very thoughtful to my personal body discomforts, laying flat I sometimes very painful for me and she made sure to adapt my position as needed. Jackie made sure I was comfortable and addressed what I was most in need of as far as pain relief. My middle back has been in severe pain and today for the first time in two weeks I feel much more mobile. I look forward to regaining more mobility in the weeks to come. Thank you!!!"
- Cindy J. | 08.24.2016.