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You and your partner will enjoy massages in the same room, you can choose from any service on the list. Price are variable depending or servicesy

​60 min /$155 and up

​Couples Massage



​Package of 5: $290/$330/$360

Package of 3: $195/$225/$240

​Package Special: Choose from Swedish/Deep tissue/Signature


​Hair and Scalp treatment with Moroccan oil

Extra Services

Back Facial

​30 min /$50

​Essential Bamboo Facial

70 min /$100

​Ultimate Bamboo Facial

60 min /$80

Deluxe Bamboo Facial

​Choose between back or hands and feet massage to feel the comfort of the aroma oils. reflexology technique stimulate health and wellness your entire body

30 min /$50

​​Belissi Express


​Deep Tissue massage focus on the deep layers

of the muscle and fascia in the body. A deep firm 

massage helps erase stress and tension which 

can benefit effect on blood pressure, also it used

to treat variety of physical ailments

90 min /$105

​60 min /$80

​Deep Tissue Massage

​Traditional Swedish massage has a number of health benefit, it replicates the movements of the circulatory system,Swedish massage drain metabolic waste from the limbs of the body and increase blood flow, ensure relaxation and relief tension 

90 min /$95

​60 min /$70

​Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Variety of techniques. combine Deep Tissue 

​or Swedish and Hot stone to release blockage and flush out all toxin. increase energy throughout your entire body, also stimulates the skin and 

nervous system and soothes the nerves at the 

same time

90 min /$110

​60 min /$85

Bamboo Signature

Jade stones have been used for 7000 years of massage and Meditation. Healing with Jade stones 

are benefit stressed organs and discharge toxin, improve metabolism, relief stiff and sore muscles, slow down the process of cell aging, help blood and lymph Circulation. And the most important thing to give more calm and relax of the mind and body

90 min /$120

60 min / $95

​Rocking Bamboo with Jade

​​This one is for those who need attention of their skin, like

acne, dry, aging or damages skin by sun, double cleaning,

exfoliation, extraction, mask, massage and 10 min with black collagen mask to blast wrinkles away

This service delivered soothing. calming to your skin, gentle cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, mask, 

moisturizer, also including Face, neck and shoulders massage


​This service for all sun bathing lovers, seeking of cleanse

and exfoliation with salt or sugar scrubs, extraction if needed.

​Light massage and moisturizer

30 min /$50

Quick refreshment for your skin. Beginning with

cleansing, exfoliation, mask and massage, finish

​with moisturizer