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​''Peaceful'' in Tok Pisin one of the three national languages

of Papua New Guinea, located North East of Wagga Wagga,

Australia. The term ''Belissi'' was coined from an italian work

Belissimo meaning ''Very Beautiful''. Its very unique for our services here: Coming''Peaceful'' Leaving''Beautiful''

Belissi Face & Body is owned and operated by Jackie VonDorsten

​What is Belissi meaning:

We believe everyone's body deserves a customized massage




I am Jackie VonDorsten, licensed massage therapist. I am very excited about the work I do and I'm excited to share it with you! I believe massage is a necessary addition to one's wellness plan. I believe in taking care of yourself holistically and having a preventative care outlook in order to sustain the healthy lifestyle you desire. Massage is amazing for promoting this type of health. The benefits of massage are endless. Receiving massage regularly not only decreases stress, the leading cause in many diseases, but increases your positive outlook on life, opening your awareness to a better self. I believe my style of massage is effective for all ailments. I want to find the root of your problem and by examining posture and compensation patterns  I'm able to work with the body as a whole and really find the cause of pain and injury.

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